1. All competitors undertake the event at their own risk and will be required to sign a declaration to this effect as a condition of entry. Only declared competitors are allowed to run, and only for their own team.
  2. Keep to the Wessex Ridgeway and East Devon Way trails unless directed to deviate.
  3. Any incoming runner approaching a checkpoint from the wrong direction will have been deemed to be taking a short cut and will receive a half hour time penalty if it is adjudged he/she has gained an advantage.
  4. Each runner shall be identifiable by their club clothing, whether vest or t-shirt.
  5. The 'baton' (a wrist band) shall be carried by the runner throughout the race. Although, at the end of leg 6 the 'baton will be handed to a marshal on the east side of the A37, a marshal on the west side will hand a new 'baton' to the outgoing runner. Under no circumstances shall a competitor cross the A37 to affect a changeover.
  6. Each team must maintain a time sheet of handover times for their team. The completed time sheet shall be presented to the organisers at the finish.
  7. The Race Director's decision is final.
  8. In the event of becoming lost, runners are advised to retrace their steps to the last marker and try again from there. Pressing on regardless will waste more time. Mobile telephone numbers should be logged with the organisers.

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